St Pauls at Night

St Pauls at Night

St Pauls at Night

By Darmon Richter

“I am an avid traveller, fascinated in obscure and controversial destinations all over the world; I write for a living, and penned my first short story at the tender age of seven; I grew up in England, but nowadays use Bulgaria as a base for my regular world-wide adventures; my blog was initially created as a place to collect random thoughts and musings… but has since grown – rapidly, and mostly as a result of positive reader responses – into an ‘alternative’ travel blog dedicated to exploring the bizarre, the macabre and other secret wonders of the world; I consider myself a ‘recreational trespasser’, although, on ethical grounds, I will never break into a site nor take anything from it; I have a passion for long, elaborately-punctuated sentences.”

PS – don’t miss Darmon’s Postcard From… North Korea on my blog. 

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