Four Corners Winners: Cities

On Monday my fellow judge Sam Larner and I met to choose the winners for my Four Corners Travel Photography Competition, which I ran this month in association with Zinio. It’s a total competition cliché, but I can honestly say that choosing just two winners in each of the four categories was a horrendously difficult decision! There were so many fantastic entries, I was genuinely blown away by what a talented lot my readers are!

Next up is the Cities category! One of the things I was most impressed by in this category was the variety of entries – everything from cityscapes, close ups of buildings and landmarks, night shots, to crowd shots in streets and markets. We felt the two winning shots, by Lucy Dodsworth and Darmon Richter, had a particularly unique take on the category and really grabbed our attention.

New York from the Rockerfeller Centre.

New York from the Rockerfeller Centre.

By Lucy Dodsworth

“I’m Lucy, a UK-based freelance editor/designer who blogs at On the Luce – trying to combine my love of travel with work, friends and everyday life. This shot is of one of my favourite cities, New York, looking out across the skyscrapers from the top of the Rockefeller Centre. I made it black and white to give it a bit of a vintage ‘Mad Men’ type feel.”

Judges Comments (Emily): New York just looks better in Black and White, and I just love the composition of this shot, which is traditional with a bit of a twist!

St Pauls at Night

St Pauls at Night

By Darmon Richter

“I am an avid traveller, fascinated in obscure and controversial destinations all over the world; I write for a living, and penned my first short story at the tender age of seven; I grew up in England, but nowadays use Bulgaria as a base for my regular world-wide adventures; my blog was initially created as a place to collect random thoughts and musings… but has since grown – rapidly, and mostly as a result of positive reader responses – into an ‘alternative’ travel blog dedicated to exploring the bizarre, the macabre and other secret wonders of the world; I consider myself a ‘recreational trespasser’, although, on ethical grounds, I will never break into a site nor take anything from it; I have a passion for long, elaborately-punctuated sentences.”

Judges Comments (Sam):  I thought it caught the essence of London with a lower key landmark which is not too over-done, and loved the streaming buses passing through which really sum up London life!

PS – don’t miss Lucy’s Postcard From… Jordan and Darmon’s Postcard From… North Korea for more of their fantastic photos!

PPS – the featured image was chosen at random and is not a reflection of preference in any way! 


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