Four Corners Winners: Sense of Place

On Monday my fellow judge Sam Larner and I met to choose the winners for my Four Corners Travel Photography Competition, which I ran this month in association with Zinio. It’s a total competition cliché, but I can honestly say that choosing just two winners in each of the four categories was a horrendously difficult decision! There were so many fantastic entries, I was genuinely blown away by what a talented lot my readers are!

First up are the two winners in the Sense of Place category. There were loads of absolutely stunning photographs entered into this category, but we were looking for photos which really captured the atmosphere of a place and just summed up the destination with one image. We felt the two shots below, by Mukta Naik and Buff, did just that!

The Red Mill (Paris, France- 2012)

The Red Mill (Paris, France- 2012)

By Buff

“I’m Buff and I’m from England and I live in Argentina and I have a long to-do-list that comprises mainly of places.”

Judges Comments (Emily): Technically a very successful shot (which I know from experience in the same location is hard to achieve!) with great use of colour and lighting to brilliantly capture the over-bright, tacky and rather frenzied atmosphere of the location. A really beautiful take on Paris’s somewhat sordid red light district.

Fluttering Pigeons at Jama Masjid Delhi

Fluttering Pigeons at Jama Masjid Delhi

By Mukta Naik

“I am an architect and urban planner, mother of two, feminist and dancer, singer and blogger, all in equal measure. I love cities, people and how their histories intertwine. I strongly feel that each of us can contribute to making our cities inclusive, liveable and lovable. Born and raised in India, I feel strongly about tolerance and liberalism as values that can save our democracy from falling apart. An atheist and intensely political, my pursuit of my identity in a rapidly changing India underpins what I see and document, in writing and through my pictures. I blog at

Judges Comments (Sam): The beautiful colours draw you into the image, together with the architecture it indicates where you are. The action of the area has been well captured with the fluttering pigeons all around, you can imagine what it would feel like to be there.

PS – don’t miss Mukta’s Postcard From Istanbul, and Buff’s Postcard From Paris for more of their awesome photos!

PPS – the featured image was chosen at random and is not a reflection of preference in any way! 


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